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AGST Lawn & Landscape Applications

It is time to take advantage of all the benefits that synthetic turf has to offer. Artificial turf offers a realistic appearance with a soft feel.  Synthetic solutions allows your lawn to be lush year-round all the while saving homeowners money on their maintenance costs. This includes conserving nearly 100,000 gallons of water annually (based on an average 1800 sq. ft lawn).

No green space? No problem. We have an "Always Green" synthetic solution for you. AGST offers click-together turf squares for those of you wanting a greener roof, deck or patio. 

  • Requires no water

  • No mowing, insecticides or fertilizer required 

  • Lead Free

  • ADA/ABA compliant - Wheelchair friendly

  • Recyclable components

  • Provides excellent drainage

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